Cloudy optimizer

Cloudy optimizer

Tailwind CSS
Next js


Cloudy Optimizer is an online tool that allows you to optimize the images of any webpage using the Cloudinary cloud service. With this tool, you can analyze the images of a webpage and receive suggestions on how to optimize them to improve the page loading speed.

How it works

The tool is very easy to use: you just need to enter the URL of the webpage you want to analyze, and Cloudy Optimizer will analyze all the images on the page. Once the analysis is complete, you can view the webpage images and the optimization suggestions that have been made for each of them. In addition, you can obtain a URL for the optimized images directly from Cloudinary or download them locally to replace them in your project.

Technology stack

The tool has been built using the following technologies:

  • Cheerio: Library for creating the crawler for the webpage that needs to be analyzed to optimize the images.
  • Next.js: React framework for building the webpage using server-side rendering (SSR).
  • Tailwind CSS with Flowbite: This CSS framework has been used with the Flowbite component library to create the tool interface in a simple and easy way.

Optimize your images and improve the loading speed of your website with Cloudy Optimizer!